1. All artworks are $100 each
  2. Save your favourite artworks to a wishlist in preparation for our sale.
  3. Sale opens in-person on Saturday 13th July at 8am, 410 Oxford St Paddington, Sydney.

Our framing team will be available in-person on Saturday the 13th of July to frame any artwork you buy on the day. Buy now and choose our Click-&-Collect option to reserve your frame/s for the sale day. Don't miss out!

Alternatively, you can buy now and we'll deliver it to your home where you can fit any of your previously bought Incognito works or wait to buy yours this year. 

Design & Quality

Our frames are designed and custom-made in Australia for Incognito Art Show and hand-crafted to perfectly fit all Incognito Art Show works. Made to allow you to fit the frames yourself, our frames will present your unique, original artwork in the best possible way. 

All frames are left in their natural colour and utilise archival materials, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Our frames are crafted from the finest materials, such as Victorian Ash and Tasmanian Oak. 

We have two options to choose from: 

  1. The Incognito Matboard Frame
  2. The Incognito Shadow Box Frame

Description of each option below: 

The Incognito Matboard Frame

A matboard frame is a type of picture frame that has a matboard (or mat) between the artwork and the frame. The matboard is a thin, white, flat piece of paper-based material. The matboard has a window cut out in the center, which is the size of the artwork.

Matboard frames help protect artworks by keeping the artwork off the window of the frame, the matboard helps to protect the artwork from dust, moisture, and UV rays.

The Incognito Shadow Box Frame

Our shadow box frame is a type of picture frame that has a deep recess that allows us to display three-dimensional objects. The depth of the recess creates a shadow behind the objects, which gives the frame its name.

The window is still elevated off the front of the artwork to help protect the art.

PLEASE NOTE: Replica of the detail (artist details etc) on the reverse side of your Incognito Art Show artwork will be hidden in this type of frame, meaning original detail (artist details etc) won't be viewable due to design.

However, we recommend you scan, print and stick a copy of the revers of an Incognito work to the back of the frame.