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Incognito Art Show 2022 - Artwork Available Online Now!

How It Works

How it Works 

What is the Incognito Art show? 

The Incognito Art Show is Australia’s biggest and most inclusive art show. At the core of what we do is we raise funds to help support Australian artists.

In 2022, Incognito is exhibiting and selling over 3,000 original A5 sized artworks that have been donated by some of Australia’s most renowned professional artists as well as some of the country's most exciting emerging artists.

There are 1,700+ artists exhibiting including some of Australia’s best known artists including Laura Jones, Nicholas Harding, Joan Ross, Abdul Abdullah, Clara Adolphs, Jason Phu, Zoe Young, Jasper Knight, Paul Davies, Tsering Hannaford, Yoshio Honjo, Robert Malherbe, Gemma Rasdall, Julianne Ross Allcorn, Holly Greenwood, Will Cooke, Belem Lett, Victoria Atkinson, Thom Roberts, Caroline Rothwell, Gemma Smith, Stephen Ormandy, Lara Merrett, Catherine McGuiness, Caroline Zilinsky, Eliza Gosse, Emily Crockford, Meagan Pelham and Christopher Zanko. Not to mention, all Studio A artists are contributing original works. 

 The Incognito Art Show isn’t an ordinary art sale. Every piece of artwork, regardless of artist, will sell for just $100. The Twist? The identity of an artwork’s artist will remain anonymous at all times. Only once an artwork is bought, will the artist’s name be revealed to the buyer on the back of the artwork.

All artworks are A5 sized and sold in-person, on a first-come-first-served basis. Buyers are limited to buying up to three artworks each. Profits from the show’s sale will be donated to Studio A, an arts company that supports artists with intellectual disabilities to achieve their artistic aspirations.

The show’s unique model provides greater access to art-buying for those without the usual means to do so, as well as democratises art selection; buyers buy what they truly love, not a big name.

Where and when is the sale? 

All artworks are set to go on sale for just $100 each on Saturday the 18th of June at 2 Lacey Street, Surry Hills from 8am until 630pm.  If there are still artworks left over, the sale will open again on Sunday the 19th of June at 8am. 

Where do I review the art? 

All returned artwork is displayed here

The art will also be on display for physical viewing the day before the sale; Friday the 17th of June at 2 Lacey Street, Surry Hills from 10am.

What are the sale day rules? 

There are three key rules to the Incognito Art Show sale: 

  1. Artworks will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Buyers are restricted to buying up to 3 artworks each.
  3. All artworks will cost $100 each regardless of who the artist is.

How should I prepare for the sale day? 

There is going to be a lot of art and not much time to sell it. To prepare for a fast and smooth buying day, the Incognito Art Show team strongly encourages all potential buyers to review the artwork before sale day and come with a (long) list of your desired works.

Please thoroughly review the artwork online and/or in person in advance of sale day. Take personal note of the associated number of the artworks you would like to buy (make a long list!).

Get to the Sale Day early. There is likely to be a queue. If you want your first shot at your desired pieces, you have to get there early. Remember there may be people with similar tastes to you! 

Bring appropriate clothing as it may be cold. 

Last but not least, please be patient and polite on the day. Putting together the Incognito Art Show has been a huge amount of work and in terms of the volume of artwork we have received, we could argue it’s been TOO successful. There will likely be waiting so be prepared for that. 

Why we started the Incognito Art Show

Because Art matters. 

When asked why he didn’t cut funding to the arts in order to support the war effort in World War II, Churchill responded,

 “Then what would we be fighting for?”

- (With proper research we now realise this quote has many times been misattributed to Winston Churchill, but we still like it.)

Incognito’s 3 key impact goals are:

  1. To financially support arts organisations with the donation of profits
  2. To provide emerging artists the opportunity to become professional artists
  3. To inspire and develop a new generation of art collectors and supporters

Why is the Incognito Art Show needed?

The arts is an under supported sector of the economy despite; 

  • 350,000 people are employed in the arts
  • 3 x as many as those in aviation and mining
  • The arts contributed $17b to the economy in FY18-19

Yet there’s been a 18.9% decline in federal spending since 2007.

COVID-19 exacerbated these problems;

  • In Feb ‘21, about 45% of all employees in the arts were in casual roles without access to basic entitlements including holiday, sick leave and superannuation.
  • Even with jobkeeper, wages in the sector declined by an average $1,525 a week in November 2019 to $1,464 in November 2020.
  • An Incognito survey in 2021 found that 1 in 3 artist’s ability to exhibit was reduced or lost causing financial loss due to the COVID crisis.