FAQ - Online Sale

I couldn’t attend the Incognito Art Show in person, am I able to buy online? 

YES! From 6pm Thursday the 23rd of June, we’ll be selling artwork submitted online from the Incognito Art Show 2022. Click here to check it out. Remember, if you buy 3 or more artworks, you’ll receive 20% off!

Why did you decide to sell the artwork online? 

We simply ran out of time on the weekend. We had over 3,500 artworks available for sale and sold 2,300. While that’s a great number, we still have 1,200 beautiful artworks left. 

We still had a lot of foot traffic over the weekend looking to buy, but couldn’t sell after 5pm on Sunday. 

We think the fact we’re able to sell now online is great. It means those who couldn’t attend over the weekend get a chance to buy and it provides us with an opportunity to raise more money for Studio A.

How do I know if my artwork is sold or not? 

If your artwork isn’t on our website, then it is sold. 

Why can people buy more than three artworks now? 

Our first-in-first-served rule applied to our sale day even on the Saturday, the 18th of June. Now our priority is to sell as much of our 2022 artwork as possible.

I’ve seen people sharing their artwork online already. That’s not very Incognito!

That’s fine. Our strict Incognito rules and sale day rules apply to the sale day weekend (the one we just had). Our priority now is to sell as much art as possible and raise as much money as possible for Studio A. 

You said unsold artwork would be held on to be sold next year. Why’re you selling online now? 

We want to raise as much money as possible for Studio A as soon as possible. 

When do you close the Incognito online art sale? 

The online sale will close at midnight Sunday the 9th of July. This means you have just over 2 weeks to buy, but hurry, it may run out sooner!

How long will it take to receive my ordered artworks? 

If you buy in Australia, you should receive your work within 2 - 8 business days.


Does the Incognito Art Show profit from the sale? 

No, Incognito Art Show is a not-for-profit organisation. All profits made by Incognito Art Show sale in 2022 will go to Studio A.