Frequently Asked Questions

Key dates

  • Registration for the Incognito Art Show 2023 has now closed. 
  • The in-person sale day will be the 15th (8am - 6pm) and then the 16th (10am - 5pm) of July. 
  • The online sale will launch within a week of the close of the in-person sale.

Will my artwork definitely be exhibited? 

All artwork submitted by the due date; Friday 23rd of June will be exhibited online. Given the huge volume of art, we won't be able to exhibit all artwork on a wall for the in-person sale. All artwork that is not exhibited in-person will be exhibited online and sold at the conclusion of the in-person sale day. 

Where and when is the sale? 

The 2023 sale will be held on the 15th (8am - 6pm) and then the 16th (10am - 5pm) of July at the Verona Gallery; 17 Oxford St, Paddington (Sydney). Keep an eye on our instagram page to receive updates. 

Do I have to register as a buyer to buy art? 

NO! We only ask you to register so you can stay in the loop. We’ll email you updates like when our online sale starts. For both the in-person and subsequent online sale, you don’t need to register, you can simply rock up! Register as a buyer here. 

Where do I review the art? 

The art is available to view online now. We’re still uploading more artworks, please be patient and keep an eye on this page. You can also keep up to date on our instagram page.

What are the sale day rules? 

There are three key rules to the Incognito Art Show sale: 

  • Artworks will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Buyers are restricted to buying up to 3 artworks each.
  • All artworks will cost $100 each regardless of who the artist is. 

I posted an artwork back to Incognito, did you receive it? 

We don't have the capacity to individually notify everyone that we received their artwork on time.

All artwork that we received by Midnight Friday the 23rd of June will be professionally scanned and exhibited online. We’re uploading this in time for the show. Please be patient and review the artwork posted here, this is the best way to see if your art made it back in time.

I checked your page '2023 Artworks' and my artwork isn't there. Why not? 

We are uploading the artwork in batches. Much of it is still being photographed.

All artwork that we received by Midnight Friday the 23rd of June will be professionally photographed and exhibited online. We will upload this in time for the show. 

What if my artwork didn't make it in time for the show? Will it go to waste? 

Not at all! We will endeavour to find a way to sell it this exhibition period, most likely online after the in-person show. If not, we will hold the artwork to be sold next year in the 2023 show.

How should I prepare for the sale day? 

There is going to be a lot of art and not much time to sell it. To prepare for a fast and smooth buying day, the Incognito Art Show team strongly encourages all potential buyers to review the artwork before sale day and come with a (long) list of your desired works.

Please thoroughly review the artwork online and/or in person in advance of sale day. Take personal note of the associated number of the artworks you would like to buy. You can do this using the Wishlist provided on the website. 

Get to the Sale Day early. There is likely to be a queue. If you want your first shot at your desired pieces, you have to get there early. Remember there may be people with similar tastes to you! 

Bring appropriate clothing as it may be cold. 

Last but not least, please be patient and polite on the day. Putting together the Incognito Art Show has been a huge amount of work and in terms of the volume of artwork we have received, we could argue it’s been TOO successful. There will likely be waiting so be prepared for that. 

Does the Incognito Art Show profit from the sale? 

No, Incognito Art Show is a not-for-profit organisation. All profits made by Incognito Art Show sale in 2023 will go to Studio A and Little Orange Studio. 

What happens to unsold artwork?

We’ll hold on to it and sell it at next year’s Incognito Art Show. We anticipate a sell out so don’t worry about your artwork not selling!