Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register? 

Registration is now open! Click here to register as a participating artist in Incognito Art Show 2022. 

Can anyone register?

Yes! Any ‘level’ of artists can register and any medium is accepted as long as it’s on one of our A5 cards we provide in our artist pack. 

I haven’t registered, can I still support the Incognito Art Show?

Yes, you can buy an artwork! Or get in touch with David Liston on to discuss sponsorship, donation or partnership opportunities. 

Can I buy Incognito Art Show art online? 

No, all artwork from Incognito Art Show 2022 will be sold in person in Sydney in mid June. The in-person sale event is a huge amount of fun. After months and years of physical restriction, we hope we can recreate 2021’s festival-like atmosphere. It’s a joy to hear all the stories of friendships made in line!

Where do I review the art? 

All returned artwork will be displayed online in advance of the sale. 

The art will also be on display for physical viewing in the weeks leading up to the sale.

What are the sale day rules

There are three key rules to the Incognito Art Show sale: 

  1. Artworks will be sold on a first-come-first-served basis.
  2. Buyers are restricted to buying up to 3 artworks each.
  3. All artworks will cost $100 each regardless of who the artist is.

Why isn’t the Incognito Art Show sale day in my city/town?

We want to bring it to your city and town! However we need additional funding to grow Incognito Art Show to a point in which we can do that. We have plans underway to expand to other cities. If you want to bring Incognito to your city, and can hello organise funding get in touch with David at

How should I prepare for the sale day? 

There is going to be a lot of art and not much time to sell it. To prepare for a fast and smooth buying day, the Incognito Art Show team strongly encourages all potential buyers to review the artwork before sale day and come with a (long) list of your desired works.

Please thoroughly review the artwork online and/or in person in advance of sale day. Take personal note of the associated number of the artworks you would like to buy (make a long list!).

Get to the Sale Day early. There is likely to be a queue. If you want your first shot at your desired pieces, you have to get there early. Remember there may be people with similar tastes to you! 

Bring appropriate clothing as it may be cold. 

Last but not least, please be patient and polite on the day. All people working on the Incognito Art Show are volunteers. It has been a huge amount of work and in terms of the volume of artwork we have received, we could argue it’s been TOO successful. There will likely be waiting so be prepared for that. 

 I’ve heard of Incognito before. Is this a new idea? 

No, ‘Incognito’ projects have been run all over the world. There’s a great one run in Ireland to raise funds for the Jack and Jill foundation. Another one in the UK run by the Royal-overseas-league to raise money to support the work of the ROSL Trust. There’s Incognito in Canada by the Langley Arts Council. 

It's a tried and tested concept that has proven successful in helping to support various charities and organisations. We can't wait to bring Incognito to Sydney for the first time and do our part to give back.  

Does the Incognito Art Show profit from the sale? 

No, Incognito Art Show is a not-for-profit organisation. All profits made by the Incognito Art Show sale in 2021 will go to Studio A.

What happens to unsold artwork?

We’ll hold on to it and sell it at next year’s Incognito Art Show. We anticipate a sell out like 2021 so don’t worry about your artwork not selling!