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The Incognito Art Show is an art show specifically started to raise funds to help support Australian artists.

The Incognito Art Show 2022 has three key goals:

  • To raise funds that directly support Australian artists in 2022 and into the future. This year we will donate profits to Studio A. 
  • To empower emerging artists by providing access to exhibiting in a premier show.
  • To engage the broader public in the arts and inspire the next generation of collectors.

2022 is the Incognito Art Show’s second year running and we’re inviting businesses to join us as partners and sponsors. We’re also inviting individuals to come on board as sponsors or volunteers.

Join us in further building what is already one of Australia’s premier annual art shows. There are great opportunities and benefits in partnering with, sponsoring or donating to the Incognito Art Show. If you’re interested in supporting us, please contact Incognito Art Show cofounder David Liston at 

The Incognito Art Show founders and team would like to thank our Founding Sponsors; One Big Switch and Jones Day for their initial support. Their contribution was invaluable in making the Incognito Art Show in 2021 a great success. 

We would also like to thank our first donor; Lisa Paulsen. Lisa is a great patron of the arts and her backing is a great endorsement of our show. 

Founding Sponsors

Image of our Founding Sponsors' Logos: Jones Day, One Big Switch

Founding Donors

Lisa Paulsen
The Mallett Family
The Liston family
David Abrahams
Kit Holmes
Tim & Emily Gordon
Toby & Lucy Meagher
Tracy Zietsch
Jan Dent
Nicola & Jaye Paulsen / O'Dywer


Thanks to the following businesses for their support:

Logos of businesses that have provided support to Incognito Art Show: Bondi Vite Australia, The Unicorn Paddington, DM Podcasts, The Daily Aus, Desk Space, Atelier, gilbert, Telegraph Rd., Yulli's Brews

Thanks to our founding Team:
David Abrahams, Matt Adams, Jack Archdale, Tina Bastaja, Enzo Cavaliero, Ellis Cowan, Jan Dent, Camilla Henderson, Emma Hoskins, Jacqui Hoskins, Niamh Kelly, Meg Liston, Candice McKerrell and Sarah Morgan.

From the Incognito Art Show co-founders: 
Egle Dovydaityte, Lachlan Harris, Laura Jones, Dave Liston, Ed Liston and Zoe Paulsen